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Are you constantly putting out fires in your business?

(written by Suzanne Grima)

You can’t find your desk under the mountain of paperwork.  You don’t know if or when you lodged your last BAS, let alone paid it.  You feel like you need to rob Peter each week to pay Paul’s wages.  The ATO is about to lose their patience with you.  You desperately need some new equipment, but the bank is reluctant to help.  You have no idea if your business is even profitable.

Does this sound like you?  Is your current situation keeping you up at night?

Fighting fires is not a good (or fun!) way to do business.  When you are spending your time and energy fighting fires, not only do your stress levels hit the roof, but you are not spending time purposefully working ON your business.

Even though I am not a fireman, I can help put out fires.  Once they are out, I can even help with some controlled burning.

That mountain of paperwork? I have close relationships with some great bookkeepers to help you get your paperwork under control.

Difficulty keeping up with lodgements?  I will actively manage your ATO lodgements including BAS’ and tax and ensure you are lodging on time.

Cash flow woes?  I will give you debtor management tips to help cash flow.  I will help you budget and manage your cash flow.

ATO on your back and you are too scared to return their calls? I will talk to the ATO on your behalf and work out a way forward, whether it be negotiating a payment arrangement or seeking an extension to lodge an outstanding return.

Financing concerns?  I will talk with your bank to uncover what they require from you, I can give them current financial information and cash flow budgets to aid your finance application.

Worried for your businesses future? I will actively and regularly work with you IN your business to help you manage growth, secure your assets, cope with cash flow concerns and increase your profit.

Are you serious about changing your situation?

Contact us for a no obligation appointment to see how we can help you get on top of your current situation and give you back time and energy to work ON your business.